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March 31, 2010

American Holiday Backgrounds for 7seas Tanks


I am not associated with 7seas, but ownership of 7seas tanks are required for this product.

Some building skill is needed for placing the prim behind the tank.

Rez either the pillar or round holiday background near your tank. The backgrounds are copy if you have more than one tank.


Turn on the 7seas background (any one will due) when placing the prim behind the tank, this will help you to see that you have it behind and hugging the tank without being inside the tank.

Turn off the 7seas background when you want to show a holiday background. Click on the back of the holiday background prim and choose the background you wish from the menu. They are numbered in a kind of order for a year and there is an arrow on the menu that shows more holidays.

When you want to enjoy one of the 7seas backgrounds, click on the back of the holiday prim and choose transparent.

Available on Xstreet :

Or on Eventide East:

March 12, 2010

Cyborg Data Headpiece


Attaching to the nose, this is a circle of data that slowly rotates and produces random cyborg sounds.   The color of the data/text is tintable.

The sounds are not generated constantly, but at random times.

It is 50L and available in world on Eventide East in the Good Stuff Eh? Shop –


Xstreet –

Other Items shown in photo:

Hair – Omega Point – Cyber Mohawk

Eyes – D.N.@ – Glowing Eyes Light Pink (Found on Xstreet)

Outfit – Barerose – Echida (only used part of the outfit)

Skin – Chrome Cyber – Chrome Goddess