Moon Temple Skybox

You happen upon a mysterious temple.  Ancient and abandoned, you wish to explore the temple and learn all of it’s secrets.

This temple can be shared with a few friends or just with that special someone.  It uses a one-touch rez system (Rez-Faux) so that you can rez this build easily then take it down or rez it and leave it as your permanent Moon Temple Skybox.  


A beautiful temple that features a glowing miniature moon, four poses along the front to hang out with friends, a smaller temple on the roof, perfect for a couples dance, flowing moon pools and a secret back room.  I have not included any photos of the back room on purpose, really must be seen by your eyes.

Also features a very unique custom sound system designed by Noodlze Thorsveld.  He also made  the sound files.

This build has approximately a 30×30 footprint.
219 prims

Permissions are copy, modify, NO transfer, so you may rez it and remove it as often as you wish.

I’m wearing:  Hair Bliss Hair, Adela – Caviar and Ceres Black by BareRose Tokyo.  Male Model – Dave Behemoth, no clue what he is wearing.  He always looks best in as little as possible.

Available InWorld on Eventide East Good Stuff Eh? Shop or on the SL Marketplace


2 Comments to “Moon Temple Skybox”

  1. Very pretty! I used to hate the thought of skyboxes because I loved having a yard. But, there are so many things that you can do with them! It’s absolutely amazing. I’m definitely warming up to them. Nice pics!

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to comment Lashae. I have a bit of a skybox addiction, I rez a new one daily. I wish you a great day.

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