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June 4, 2011

Elven Stable & Corral Skybox – Includes Lots of Rez Options

Elven Stable and Corral Skybox or Boxed Separate for Ground Setup

Inspired by the Amaretto horses, this Elven theme location is so beautiful and there are so many options for tailoring it to suit your needs.

Included in this package are several variations:

The complete skybox (one touch Rez-Faux)
The Corral only skybox (one touch Rez-Faux)
The Stable only skybox (one touch Rez-Faux)
Boxed with one copy of each decoration for ground setup.

All versions are modify and copy so you can arrange each version anyway you wish.


Elven horse stalls with magical gates that play beautiful music when opened and closed.
Each stable building has a middle section designed to hide breedable horse food.
Beautiful trees that blow blossoms around endlessly.
An overflowing water trough that never goes dry.

This build has approximately a 30×30 footprint.
219 prims

Permissions are copy, modify, NO transfer, so you may rez it and remove it as often as you wish.
Rez-Faux script purchased from Lex Neva.

Special thanks to Noodlze Thorsveld for being sound mixer supreme and particle script maker supreme.

Purchase In-World or on the SL Marketplace.