These Go to Eleven – Steam Eleven!



Historical Hunts, Steam Hunt is my favorite hunt in Second Life.  It always nets some great clothes and at least one great build.  Most everything shown in the photos was collected from Steam 11.  Plenty of time left to do this hunt.  Below I’m listing the clothing the way they appear in the inventory list if they are from the hunt, it will just say Steam Hunt but the link to the hunt SLUR list is in the first link in this post.  Have fun!

Outfit 01

Tights – ** [ RIDDLE ] ** Cozy Tights – Brown #2
Hat Pins – *Amaranthus* Twisted Bloom: Copper/Vapor: Hair Pin – Steam Hunt
Dress – .:+*LD Steampunk Lolita Dress  XS – Steam Hunt
.:EMO-tions:. * COLLIEN*/chocolate
Necklace – :*:CPD:*  Explorer’s Compass Pendant (Women) – Steam Hunt
Hat – Ace of Spades – Mens Bowler Hat – Steam Hunt
Goggles – C&F Rose Colored Goggles F w/ Resizer – Steam Hunt
Boots – Gear It Up! Women’s Boots – Steam Hunt
Armband – Wear You Heart On Your Sleeve (Female) – Steam Hunt
Skin – -Glam Affair – Romy skin – Base ( India )

Outfit 02

Necklace – “Heavy Heart” Neck Chain – Female *resize – Steam Hunt
Glasses – -=BCI=- The Jeweler ‘s Eyeglasses – Steam Hunt
Outfit – Mermaid Skirt – XXS Black – Steam Hunt
Hair – MOON {Hair}. Paper Cuts – Lilac
Outfit – Storyville Topper – Violette – Steam Hunt
Outfit – Violette Peplum Jacket XS – Steam Hunt
Skin – Glam Affair – Romy skin – Base ( India )


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