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October 6, 2011

Swan Wedding Build

Drop these individual pieces at any setting and you have a lovely wedding build.  Set out one part or copy other parts, it’s all up to your wishes.

Included are the swans, flower stands, Minister’s podium, wedding bells, guest benches and a runner.

Everything is mod/copy, so set out as many flowers as you want, or guest benches etc.

There are guest benches with bows for the VIP guests and regular benches to fill up the remaining guest list.  Click on each bell to hear them play.  They will have to be rang again when you wish to hear them.

I personally think this build is best when the bridal party and guests are facing west and the sun is set on sunset.

155 prims total for a typical setup
113 prims total for the combined individual pieces.

Purchase In-World or on the SL Marketplace.  This is an updated version of an older build.